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How I made a fortune in multi-level marketing—Dr (Mrs) Jummai Umar-Ajijola

Muda Oyeniran writes on how a former staff of the United Nations eventually achieved financial independence through the multi-level marketing of some products.
DR Jummai Umar-Ajijola worked with the United Nations (UN), Actionaid and Microsoft. But today, she says she has found fulfilment, above all else, as a multi level marketer of Forever Living Products. As a guest speaker at the Forever Living Products Success Showcase, held recently in Abuja, Umar-Ajijola said that as an FLP network marketer, she had been freed from financial bondage.
She was speaking at the second edition of the FLP Nigeria series of 2012 Success Showcase held at the Shabak Centre in Utako District, Abuja, recently. The event drew a large gathering of young and middle-aged people who were attracted by the success of the modern method of distributing goods and services, known as multi-level marketing.
Thirty four years ago, the founder of Forever Living Products, Rex Maughan, had believed that to distribute the company's wellness and beauty products, it needed an ingenious method which would not only make the products available to consumers but would also give those in the chain of its distribution network money in their pockets.
Among the list of major distributors in Nigeria are nearly 100 young Nigerian millionaires who today, symbolise the fortunes of the company.
Dr. Jummai Umar-Ajijola, who featured prominently in the event, used every opportunity to educate the audience on the power of network marketing, testifying that to get free from financial bondage, she had to get involved in FLP. She held the audience spell bound for the more than 30 minutes she spoke, confessing that her previous employments did not give her the satisfaction which she needed to deal with her life's basic financial problems.
According to her, the FLP network had given her three immediate opportunities; to travel far and wide at the company's expense; make extra cash from just recruiting people into the network and the advantage of using healthy and natural products.
Speaking on the occasion, FLP managing director, Nigeria/Benin Republic, Mr. Cornelius Tay, said the new outreach programme of the company through a monthly event across the country was aimed at recognising excellence in the business of distribution of FLP healthcare and beauty products; and to teach people new ways of doing the “ home-based family business” more successfully.
He revealed that the first edition of the Success Showcase in 2012 held in Lagos, late last month, attracted over 1,480 participants, many of whom testified that the FLP business opportunity enhanced their physical and financial well being in 2011. “Coming to Abuja, therefore, is simply to give Abuja distributors an insight into the new business year which promises to be even greater and more rewarding for all our diligent distributors", Tay said, adding, “One of such indicators is the growing population of FLP network marketers which has risen to over 250,000 in Nigeria and projected to reach 15 million worldwide”.
Tay also said the attraction to the business was the ability of the company to make available a range of natural health care and beauty products which helped to promote healthy living and fight poverty by ensuring that everybody, within the network -received a reward for using the products, organising a sales force to retail the products to non-distributors and for recruiting people into their team.
Providing further tips to success in FLP multi-level marketing business, Tay urged the audience to adopt the sequence of positive thinking, careful planning, strategizing, preparation and finally the determination to do all it would take to succeed in their FLP business.
For the over 1,000 FLP distributors and guests who besieged the Abuja event, the attraction was to see those who were moving up in the FLP marketing plan and hear their powerful testimonies of success in multi-level marketing. FLP Distributors came all the way from Calabar, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Kano, Kaduna and Onitsha. Add these to the Abuja audience, and you have a full mix of Nigerians in the Federal Capital city. Overall, the FLP Abuja event to showcase success and accomplishment was fun and filled with expectations.
Referring to those seeking immediate fortune from network marketing, the FLP managing director reminded them that even the biggest and most successful members of any network did not achieve their status overnight. Using the experience of Nigeria and Africa's number one distributors, John and Justina Ekperigin, as example, Tay said the couple had held the enviable topmost position in the last four years.
According to him, “The Ekperigins started their FLP business as Assistant Supervisors in 2002, earning a bonus of just US$118. Today, he said, the Ekperigins had broken all records in earnings and position not only in Nigeria but in Africa, because of their diligence. The Ekperigins were recognized at the Abuja event as the first distributors in Africa to earn over US$264,000 in annual profit share, achieving the 10,000 CC level thus placing them in the league of the Top 10 FLP Distributors worldwide.”

Arome Ameh…is Forever.
From: Nigeria

Success, to me, is achieving beyond my wildest dreams. It’s watching my kids play in the front lawn, riding their bikes in safe neighborhoods and attending wonderful schools. It’s making my wife proud of me and being happy. That’s what success looks like to me, and it is what I am passionate about – success and the ability to change lives.

Growing up in Nigeria was an obstacle on its own. I struggled through school, trying to survive the strikes and riots. Finally, I graduated and then struggled to secure a job. When I finally got a job, it was a struggle to keep it and my own sanity!
Every day is a struggle. I still face obstacles. Sometimes people still raise an eyebrow when I talk about Forever and the changes it has made in my life. They don’t believe I have freedom through Forever.
The truth is that Forever has changed and is continuing to change my life. Forever has helped me find my niche. Forever has helped me realize that my dreams will actually come true.
I am Forever, because I go to bed with a smile. >>>This is FOREVER BLOG

Kim Madsen…is Forever.
From: Denmark
Current Level: Diamond Manager

My name is Kim Madsen, I am Danish and live in northern Denmark, in the country side.
I am raised in a poor family together with my younger sister and brother.
When I was 8 years old , my parents got divorced and my mother became sick and I did not see my father, who found another wife.
From one day to another I found my self in a orphanage, while my sister and brother was in foster families.

It was very traumatic and I missed my family, and also missed my playmates, who know not any longer was allowed to play with me, because of my new status.
Hours by hours everyday I was starring out of the window to the entrance of the orphanage, hoping to see my mother, that I worried a lot about, hoping that she  be fresh and will come and take me back so we again could be a family.
During 2-3 years I was in and out of the orphanage 3 times,  and finally one day my mother got fresh and found a new husband, who adopted the 3 of us, so we again became a family.
The days in the orphanage dreaming was my hope, I told all my fellows in the orphanage, that one day, I will be rich and successful, I told that I will get my own long white limousine, my own luxury boat, I will live in a big manor house, travel around the world, and I will be the best father in the world, and even I will be so rich I can travel around the world helping other who’s without a family like me. Ofcourse every one in the orphanage and my classmates, laughed at me, and teased me, so when they saw me, they always welcomed me by saying,   how you today Mr. millionaire, ha ha ;-)
Even the teachers tried to take me down on earth again, telling me being rich is not for everyone, and that I should focus on my homework and school instead of dreaming.
So lots of times I was confirmed that I am NO ONE,  but I dreamed about being SOME ONE, and very often I was the only one believing in my dreams.
Time went, and I left 10th class/primary 7, with and below average exam.
I decided to start as a clerk sailing in cargo ships age 17, and next 6 years I was sailing around the world, which was a shortcut of one of my dreams.  Age 23 I realized I was not faithful to my dreams, and I stopped from one day to another, and started a restaurant in my hometown.
1.5 years later my restaurant was bankrupt, and I lost all my savings, and was registered everywhere as a bad debtor, and was not able to borrow money from any banks.
Now , my only education was my driver license, and everyone recommended me to go back sailing so I could make a plan to pay back the 50.000 USD I was in debit to the bank, on a 5 year pay back plan.
My dream was stronger and I decided to become I distributor in network marketing, which industry I am still in !
Today I am there, I fullfil led all my dreams, I have my limousine, my manor house, my boat, more houses, lots of quality time with my two kids.
I travel around the world and I have my own charity projects in Lithuania and Uganda, helping orphans to go from NO ONE to SOME ONE ;-)
I am leader of a organization/team of more than 100.000 distributors in 20 countries, I have got all the recognition you can imagine, been speaking and training more than 1 million people in 40 countries,  transforming their lives to a better future !!
God bless you all.>>>Continua a leggere
Silvia Antinucci…is Forever.
From: Italy

Dear Distributors, I’m Silvia Antinucci, Forever Manager. My Forever history is not just a story, it is a path to change.
Daughter of entrepreneur, after graduating, I started our family business, choice for duty and not pleasure.

Well, what can I say, I had everything I wanted – wellness, company shares, cars, three flats, a well-to-do family. But, I was living in a state of anxiety, and in 15 years of business, I developed a kind of disagreeable illness “whingeing”; I complained about everything, I used to judge with negative consequences, anxiety and tension between me and my husband and my family. One day 4 years ago I woke up and I said, “Silvia, you can do something for yourself in order to be able to do what you want to do, are you aware of your value? Try to change your job. Can you do it? You had everything handed on a silver plate…” I wanted to start my own business. Well I thought “Will I be a failure?” Who knows … so we’ll see.
Great disappointment of my family and arguments non-stop. I was very sad because of my need to drag myself into discussion, and as woman to come out the real Silvia. The more they judged me for my hasty choice and the more I was determined. It was a challenge. In the meantime, my friend Patrizia, “Why don’t you help me to promote Forever Products while you are waiting to find your way? Why not” I said.
Then I found out my potential, how to interact with people. No longer stuck in the office. Feeling of freedom, full of live. During my first Success Day, our Managing Director’s speech filled my heart, “The Love for you and for what you are doing is unchallenged. So, that was my job!
My first goal: How to communicate I was leaving my Company.
First, it was hard, I, Silvia, used to spend my money for stupid caprices; it was hard to keep myself with money other than those from my company. My husband smiled and thought “Who knows how long”. My feeling of freedom was so strong that I learned how to do, achieving my purpose: my wellbeing is more important than anything else. So many people start with Forever because of the job and the money. It was different for me. Perseverance and determination enable me to have more money. I’m so happy with Forever Philosophy that it has become my lifestyle. >>>Continua a leggere

A big hug

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